Shipping Policy

The Orange House Australia partners with Australia Post and other major courier companies to offer our customers the best of freight options possible.

All deliveries are trackable

All our parcels are photographed, weighed and tracked prior to being sent. Once a parcel has been sent, a tracking number is generated and you will be able to track your delivery on our freight partner websites within 2 business days.

Are deliveries guaranteed to be delivered to the checkout address

The normally delivered within time frames are as advertised. It is normally delivered within those timeframes. Most deliveries are within the shorter timeframe, however may go beyond the given timeframe if the delivery address is in an extremely remote area, the parcel has been sent to the wrong state, or just decides to disappear for a while. It is rare, but does happen with all delivering companies. We do guarantee that you will receive your delivery no matter what happens!

Specific Time Delivery

There are no options for setting a delivery day or time. All deliveries are made by the delivering company according to their estimated delivery timeframes. If you may not be home to accept a parcel, we recommend selecting Australia Post with signature so that if no one is home, you can collect the parcel from the local post office.

Are leakages from oil, lotions or bottles considered damaged items?

All products containing liquids may leak during transportation. Although not common, it does happen from time to time as manufacturers do not design for their products to be sent via parcel services. We do not consider this as a claimable damaged item.

Is there a difference between any of the freight companies for deliveries in regional areas?

From the information available to us, in remote regional areas of Australia, it seems all the freight companies including Australia Post probably utilitise the same local operators to do the final leg of delivery.

How long does it take for you send an order out?

Our standard timeframe to pick, pack and send an order is within 2 business day. Where we are short of stock, we will be in contact immediately to notify you and give you a realistic timeframe.

What is covered when I pay for a delivery to my address?

When you are paying for a delivery, you are engaging The Orange House Australia to send the order to your delivery address. Being a delivered item, it is being handled many times, although it is rare, sometimes there are minor damages to the item packaging, however we guarantee that the products will work as advertised or it will be refunded or replaced under the manufacturer guarantee.

The price that is advertised is for a single delivery from The Orange House to the address of your choice. It does not cover any further costs of returning the item back to us and/or back to you.

What if I miss a delivery?

For all delivering companies, if a delivery is missed and there is no safe place to leave it, it will be sent to the closest pick-up point. You will need to go and collect it from this pick-up point as directed by the delivering company. Generally, it will be a newsagent, general store or Australia Post outlet. It will be the delivering company’s choice and a redelivery may not be possible.

What happens if my parcel is missing after it has scanned as being delivered?

We will raise a case with the delivering company. Depending upon the delivering company, the response time will vary, and we will notify you how long the investigation will take. Generally, the delivering company will need to respond to us within 14 business days with an update from their drivers, who will revisit the delivery address to reconfirmed it was delivered there. If it is the delivering company’s fault, we will resend the parcel again.

I seriously can’t see my delivered parcel!

The first thing to check is asking around if someone in the house or a neighbour has picked it up for you and forgot to mention it. Otherwise check around the house thoroughly. Drivers have been known to hide parcels under or behind moveable items or bushes. There has been much publicity about people walking around and stealing parcels from front doors, so we highly recommend that a signature on delivery option is chosen to avoid this situation.

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